The financial crisis of 2008 changed the banking landscape, forever.

Regulation now requires that risk management, once a basement activity, be a boardroom-level concern.  Outside of regulation, the banking environment has been stagnant for nearly a decade due to flat interest rates, but there is a storm coming.  Is your institution ready to brave the winds of raising interest rates?  Let us help ensure that your insititution's portfolio is secure for years to come with our comprehensive suite of risk products. 
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Risk Management and Strategy

If rates go up, what will happen to your institution's balance sheet?  In a world of rapidly fluctuating funding and long-term low interest rates, an institution needs to focus on parameters that they can actually control.  With an increase in rates coming any day now, prepayment speed assumptions and liquidity are more important than ever; it is important to make sure that your institution is positioned to take advantage of the impending tide, and we can help.
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Training and Education

Data is important, but it's only one part of the equation.  As data becomes an even more integral part of banking, it becomes increasingly important (and difficult) to separate the signal from the noise.  We know data, and we know banking - if you find yourself with more questions than answers after your ALCO meeting, call the experts.  We provide services that can help walk you through your data, your reports, KPI's and future strategy.  Everybody likes a little company, and we'll even help present the findings to your board - just keep a fresh pot of coffee ready!
When I started working at FICast Data in the middle of 2010, I witnessed a huge contraction in the banking industry as banks that were improperly positioned for the resulting turmoil of the Great Recession were forced to close or consolidate.  As I watched the FDIC close institution after institution, I knew that I wanted to help make a change in the landscape to help prevent future turmoil, and that there wasn't a better place than FICast.  With an extremely talented team and strong partners, FICast can help keep your institution robust.

Derek Harris FICast Data Corporation

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